Best Inspirational - Lifestyle and more - book for Meaningful Change: The All This and Heaven Too by Dr Gachie



From the Back Cover:

Dr. Gachie has written this outcome based book inspired byher own personal remolding journey having been born and educated in the KenyanKariobangi slums. After hitting rock bottom like the prodigal son "came toherself" and decided that the Better Lifestyle was available to everyone.

In 2003, I relocated to South Africa when I got anopportunity to undertake a Master's degree. I struggled and worked part time tomake ends meet. In the midst of my own personal struggles, weight gain, chronicunhappiness, health issues, financial and relationship turmoil, I began asking,"Why is it that I'm so miserable while others are experiencing a BetterLifestyle?" That is when I began to use the Better Lifestyle principles todrastically improve my lifestyle.

Would you love to experience the power ofthese practical principles in your lifestyle?
Join me as I share with you the keys to Better Lifestyle!
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All This and Heaven Too!

  • Shatters the myth that an exceptionally beautiful Better Lifestyle is only for the materially rich
  • Defies that a super-abundant life is only a once off occurrence
  • Reveals religious dogmas do not make a precious Jewel of God
  • Confronts the notion that only a few can be extraordinary
  • Disputes All this and Heaven too! is only enjoyed in Heaven
  • Dares you to apply Christs ASK principle to a victorious lifestyle
  • Rejects that enjoying wealth on earth from heaven is not a birth-right!
  • Challenges that physical transformation, toughness, and participa-tion in fitness competitions is only for a select few
  • Separates decisively between worldly and Godlike complete joy, super-abundant wealth, perfect peace and inexplicable love
  • Links 3ps principles of patience, perseverance, persistence for superabundance living.

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Educational qualification

Doctorate Doctor of Administration (University of KwaZulu-Natal -UKZN)
Masters Project Management (MPRM) (University of Southern Queensland, Australia)
MBA Master of Business Administration (UKZN)
Masters Information Technology/ Digital Media (University of Natal)
B.Ed. (honours) Bachelor of Education Science: in Chemistry and Mathematics