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Why Train with Better Lifestyle Academy?

Better Lifestyle Academy is diversified, ranging from comprehensive in-service training, in sales, marketing, end user computing, supply chain, project management and promotions services and consulting services. The objective is to deliver a comprehensive approach to the five pieces of business puzzle for maximum achievement by becoming a part of my client's business and knowing as much about their operations and challenges as possible.

Better Lifestyle Academy wants to support my clients in meeting their business profitability and HCD needs and most importantly achieving sustainable competitive advantage.

The Better Lifestyle Academy value adding objective is achieved through customising and delivering each module in such a way that it offers specific (1) Skills; (2) Knowledge and (3) Values as a stand-alone.

VISION statement


MISSION statement

Better Lifestyle Academy mission is to CREATE VALUE for business by designing and delivering high impact HCD programs and a wide range of consultancy services that produce outstanding performance and productivity.


Better Lifestyle Academy is committed to the FIVE PIECES OF THE BUSINESS PUZZLE for creating a strong and continuous improvement in HCD performance and productivity for maximum achievement.

Benefits of Better Lifestyle Academy your organisation

The following are a number of expected benefits which will emerge from Better Lifestyle Academy Training and Consultancy programs.

Benefits to the Company:
  • Creating value for organizations- tangible and non- tangible
  • Increased productivity and profitability.
  • Enhanced perspective of being viewed as a “consultants, helpers, counsellors and advisors to your customers, not as salespeople”
  • Raised standards of performance.
  • Expansion of the business.
  • Increased cash turnover.
  • Maximisation of resources/greater efficiency.
  • Reduced waste.
  • Reduction in complaints.
  • Facilitate good recruitment and retention.
  • Lowers staff turnover
  • Aids succession planning.
Benefits to Staff:
  • Differentiating between majors and minors
  • Shared work load.
  • Better team work.
  • Reduced overload.
  • Increased job satisfaction.
  • Better morale.
  • Increased productivity.
  • Greater professional and personal development.
Benefits to Customer:
  • Expanded “intimate” association
  • Getting closer to the customer
  • Clarity-they know what to expect
  • Clearer brand association
  • More efficient, reliable service.
  • Less cause for complaint.

About Dr Gachie

Dr Gachie will is available to facilitate your Better Life transformation.

  1. Do you want to transform yourself into an intellectual? to acquire that degree? I can guide you.
  2. Do you want to transform yourself into a fitness champion? or to maintain a healthy body weight? I can guide you.
  3. Do you want to identify hobbies that can challenge and bring meaning into your life? I can guide you.
  4. What do you really really want? Contact Dr Gachie Now! on (+27) 081 5759 097

Dr Wanjiru Gachie Before and After Transformations

If I can, you can! Testimonials
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Dr Wanjiru Gachie has been refered to as being an accomplished, extremely hard working, creative education professional, with a successful background in delivering effective lectures and seminars in creating an interactive atmosphere that promotes learning, continually improving the learning experience.

Dr Gachie outlook to organisational performance encompasses the principles and the power of healthy habits for excellence. Dr Gachie has a strong work ethic, is committed to the delivery of all projects/tasks on time and to a high quality standard and has a proven instructional system design ability with experience in technical skill development, design of online, offline as well as a learning management system

Dr Gachie is a lecturer and researcher at the University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) Durban, South Africa, in the field of information systems, education and public administration and management. With over 10 years experience, her course facilitation philosophy and orientation involves the use of radical constructivism as well as instructivism philosophies, therefore providing her audience with a wealth of different perceptive and provide with a rich, stimulating, interactive learning environment. Her extensive educational skills has enabled her to transform many lives through scaffolding and mentoring process. Dr Gachie is an avid reader in administration, history, philosophy, economics, religion, metaphysics, philosophies and psychology.

Dr Gachie has a wonderful way of synthesizing ideas and insights from several disciplines into practical strategies that work quickly and get fast results. As a result her lectures are action-oriented which are delivered with specific strategies and plans that are easy to implement. Her courses are delivered from the perspective that the participants will be involved in transforming their organisations, therefore making use of tools, techniques and approaches/strategies required for building the relevant skills, knowledge and values required for each course. articles.

The delivery process and procedure undertaken involves the use of authentic tasks, cases, scenario, customized learning, and demonstrations, as well as direct instruction using both face-to-face learning and online learning systems. Other mode of delivery include, experiential exercises, role plays, videos, presentations, overheads and guest lectures and seminars. Dr Gachie has been making contribution in the field of education psychology and technology, public administration and management through undertaking research and publication in journal.