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Seminar Challenge to Succeed, Goal Setting for Maximum Achievement

Dr. Ms. Wanjiru Gachie, will be offering a ONE and HALF hour seminar using an MS Power Point Presentation and projector. Dr Wanjiru Gachie, is available to provide organizations a ONE AND HALF seminar titled: Challenge to Succeed, Goal Setting for Maximum Achievement. Benefit of the seminar to you and your organization:

  • The seminar aims at providing your employees, especially the management with powerful insights on the challenge to succeed philosophies and principles as pre-requisite for a contemporary leader/manager for increased productivity.
  • This is achieved through taking the participants the goals setting process that I have devised that differentiates between majors and minors for increased performance with positive effect on the organizational activities and results.
  • Because of the benefit that the seminar will provide to your organization, I would therefore like to request that you give Dr Gachie the opportunity to deliver the seminar and be part of your organizational success and productivity.
  • the course will lead to increased productivity, output, Performance, and Results, as a result of the postive effects on Self-esteem, Confidence, and Happiness

Dr Wanjiru Gachie is an accomplished, extremely hard working, creative education professional, with a successful background in delivering effective lectures and seminars. Dr Gachie has also been engaged in promotions and creating awareness of products in shopping centres with results.

World-class Goal Achievers Seek Out Mentors and Coaches to Soar to New Heights.

Because Now Is Time To Take Action:

  1. How do you make sure that your Ambition is serving you?
  2. Are you ready to start now to live that life?
  3. To Achieve More Goals, More Often, With Less Effort?

I wish you influence, I wish you treasures of the soul and the mind and the purse and hope that what I will share with you will give you a sense of extra perception in sharpening your skills in making your life unique

Welcome and Thank You