Intimacy in our better lifestyle

Intimacy our better lifestyle

how do you relate with others in our better lifestyle?

is it an intimate- into me see relationship or a shallow superficial connection?

Our God also desires to connect with you and me in an intimate way

how do you feel about that?

Why did Jesus say, “Do not be afraid of those who can kill your body but those who can kill the body, mind and soul”. It is because once your spirit has been killed you are as good as dead. Nobody wants an empty container. Our value is on us but inside us, our intrinsic; essence value is not external but internal. We fall in love with the external container, but we shall live with the internal, inside there is no variable of turning in him. Our God is consistent, and he changes not

God breathed into man the breath of live, all that he will become generations to come

God breathes into our future

God made a mirror reflection of himself in man and said “it is very good” “I like that”

For the first time our God re-thought himself as anthropomorphic description of something that defies human description, looked at something he had created. And critiqued himself saying, “It is not good for man to be alone” “all one” Our God is all-one, and beside him there is no other said “it is not good for my reflection to be that like me”

Adam go to sleep, let me show you what you got inside of you and Adam woke up and looked up and said “oh what a beautiful likeness of myself, the girl in me, she is me, bone of my bone, she came out of me, that is why we fit”


Emanuel means God dwelling among us. God came on earth to experience how it is to be human being, how it feels to get tired, how to be intimate with man, touching our weakness, our concerns our tears, to understand why we hurt, because he could not redeem what he could not relate to, so that he can be touched by the feelings of our infirmity.

He says I want to know how it feels like to be rejected, sad, weary, frustrated

Jesus is saying, “I have reduced myself into a man reaching out to you, I want to touch you” this is the second touch, I was created in the first touch, he redeemed me in the second touch

in the first touch he asked the blind man “what do you see” the blind man replied “I see people like trees” then he said “you need a second touch”

God ┬áis trying to reach to us despite the barriers we have built to protect our pain, to numb, he says “I come that you might have a better lifestyle” but we have protected ourselves, just exciting “he says “I am coming for you my beloved to touch you, to wake you up, to revive you” I need a second touch, what about you dear one?