A Shepherd in our Better Lifestyle

The more we try to fit in the less eligible we are to become good mating partners, let us celebrate our uniqueness

Your uniqueness is what makes you desirable

John the Baptist was not an ordinary person, he was willing to be different eating locust and wild honey

Jesus hang out with prostitutes and those who took bribery among others and was asked, “How are you going to be a priest hanging with such people?”

We tried to change our hair they did not like us

We tried to change our neighbourhood they did not like us

We tried to change our clothes they did not like us

Could not figure out why they did not like us

It is because we have not been called to fit it rather to stand out and be ourselves


Our God is saying, “I am to you as you to your sheep”

What is he to you? Who do you say he is to your better lifestyle?

Your sword? Your Kingsman redeemer? Your fortress? Your peace? Your buckler? Your shield? He is multifaceted

What shall you want? Not to try not to want, not hope not want

I’m cool, I am good, I am not desperate for your love, if you give it is nice but I do not need it to breathe, if you deny it I am cool with it, I won’t suffer because I do not see you as the source. You maybe my resource that the source will use to bless me or to express God’s love, but you are not my source

If the resource shuts down over here, He will open up another over there

Yes, it came through you but you are not it in the first place

Most of us because of past dysfunction we enjoy noisy relationships, and lifestyles careers, finances, emotions, unable to enjoy green pastures

Have you ever been hooked in drama in our better lifestyle? Unable to lay down in green pastures